Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Army of The Nameless available for preorder; plus Prologue

Army of The Nameless is out!....for pre-order...on Amazon...available at other retailers soon; I'll post as availability goes active. And, as promised, I've posted the Prologue to Army of The Nameless below, as well as relevant links and blurbs...more sample chapters to come!

Reminder: pre-order price is $4.99...this goes up to $8.99 upon release. Get it while it's fresh!

Army of The Nameless (Kindle)

The war continues…
It’s been three standard years since The Battle of Bloody Eye and the Vrilkist War has ground to a stalemate.
While The Imperial Confederation of Ertho readies for the long awaited counterstrike, The Black Lions are delegated to hunting down stray separatists in an effort to bring the agitators to justice, but these elite soldiers are eager to return to the “real” war against the Vrilkist.
This holds especially true for Captain Coleman, whose hatred for the Vrilkist is tempered by the guilt he feels over the loss of Sabrina and his fallen comrades. Even so, the war has already taken a heavy toll on him physically and mentally, and he finds himself questioning how much more he can take.
The future of the universe balances on the razor’s edge, and gale force winds are gathering in the distance. 

And of course, you can't start Army of The Nameless without  first reading it's older sibling, Children of The Forgotten.
 Children of The Forgotten

The Vrilkist, an advanced alien race bent on galactic conquest and annihilation, has been eating away at the borders of The Imperial Confederation of Ertho—an empire already plagued by rebel and separatists factions—in an ongoing war.
The three front conflict has left the empire short on fighters and material while the Vrilkist, in contrast, appear to have unlimited resources and firepower. Desperate, the empire gathers everything it has to launch a last ditch assault on the enemy. Success will buy the empire time to regroup and restock; failure will mean the end of everything.
Cornelius Coleman, student, pugilist, loner, soon becomes a reluctant player within the larger scheme when he is conscripted to fight in the imperial forces. His journey will begin on Old Earth, but it will end very far away.

Layered Conflict

Three standard years have passed since The Battle of Bloody Eye. The Vrilkist War has entered its tenth year.
On the front lines there exists a fluid stalemate as imperial forces inch deeper into Vrilkist territory, constructing outposts and stretching the Tunnelways beyond imperial borders while skirmishing with Vrilkist patrols and repulsing probe attempts.
In the aftermath of Bloody Eye, Emperor Palle has won his reelection bid. But with no end of the war in sight, Delegate-Speaker Tooley has called on The Delegates of The Grand Imperial Congress to pass a vote of no-confidence, prompting an emergency election cycle with Tooley vying for the imperial high seat.
After their decisive defeat at Ara, the militant separatists of The Alternative Republic have gone into hiding, forcing the agents of The Empire to waste valuable resources in an effort to locate and eliminate them before they can reconsolidate and threaten The Empire again.
And in the hidden depths of space, Captain Cornelius Coleman and his Black Lions are returning to Special Base 928, fresh from a leave spent at The Wolfstar Gaming Station; a leave hard earned after a successful raid on a separatist camp on the moon of Mymyen in the Falceon System.
After three years hunting separatists, The Black Lions are more than eager to get back to the “real” fight against the Vrilkist.

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