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Army of The Nameless, Sample Chapter: 4-20 Friendly

Time for another sample chapter from Army of The Nameless! In this one, we meet a new character and get introduced to a new dreadnaught. And, yes, please note that the sample below is from the third draft and will more than likely differ from the final version.

Links and blurbs for both Army of The Nameless and Children of The Forgotten below, since you can't start one without first reading the other. (No worries: all sample chapters are free of major spoilers)

Children of The Forgotten (Kindle)

Children of The Forgotten (Print)

The Vrilkist, an advanced alien race bent on galactic conquest and annihilation, has been eating away at the borders of The Imperial Confederation of Ertho—an empire already plagued by rebel and separatists factions—in an ongoing war. The three-front conflict has left the empire short on fighters and material while the Vrilkist, in contrast, appear to have unlimited resources and firepower. 

Desperate, the empire gathers everything it has to launch a last ditch assault on the enemy. Success will buy the empire time to regroup and restock; failure will mean the end of everything. 

Cornelius Coleman, student, pugilist, loner, soon becomes a reluctant player within the larger scheme when he is conscripted to fight in the imperial forces. His journey will begin on Old Earth, but it will end very far away.

Army of The Nameless (preorder)

The war continues…

It’s been three standard years since The Battle of Bloody Eye and the Vrilkist War has ground to a stalemate.

While The Imperial Confederation of Ertho readies for the long awaited counterstrike, The Black Lions are delegated to hunting down stray separatists in an effort to bring the agitators to justice, but these elite soldiers are eager to return to the “real” war against the Vrilkist.

This holds especially true for Captain Coleman, whose hatred for the Vrilkist is tempered by the guilt he feels over the loss of Sabrina and his fallen comrades. Even so, the war has already taken a heavy toll on him physically and mentally, and he finds himself questioning how much more he can take.
The future of the universe balances on the razor’s edge, and gale force winds are gathering in the distance.


Commodore Howen stood in the observatory of the Central Dockyards of The Phantom Works complex, which was nestled deep within the Advanced Research and Development Center in The Hold System. He could barely contain his excitement as, out in the vacuum, a freshly-minted dreadnaught—his dreadnaught—was in the process of undocking to prepare for preliminary space trials.
The first of many planned, The Honor of Klandine was a thing of pure beauty. Where the current-but-archaic D-69’s were essentially massive wheels with thousands of spokes spreading from a central hub connecting to an outer ring, The Honor of Klandine, designated D-78, was a massive gold and white star with hundreds of varying points rising from its prolated center.
The older D-69’s central hub was topped by the Command Tower and was where the guts were housed, the Turboplaz engine, massive energy banks, generators, fresh water, heating elements, the near-light facilitator, and various storage bays. Howen had always hated the design—which had existed since before The Great Technology Gap, starting with the D-14—because it left the dreadnaught far too vulnerable to a single lethal hit. The design had been one of necessity, originally, having been derived from the first series of Tunnel Generators, before near-light travel existed. It’d been easier to transport the massive war machines back then, but now the design no longer made sense with the newer Tunnel Generators no longer needing to be connected to the vessels they sent down the Tunnels.
The spars and beams radiating from the central hubs of the D-69 were where the sleeping quarters, med-bays, escape pods, mess cabins, training bays, mechanic bays, and auxiliary storage bays were housed while the outer ring held the weapons stations, just waiting to take a hit from anyone willing to take the shot.
And now the surviving fleet of D-69’s were finally showing their age with constant breakdowns, radiation leaks, and a stark increase of CSPs (Catastrophic Spontaneous Implosions) due to weakening hulls.
If all that wasn’t bad enough, each dreadnaught was painted in the dullest gray The Empire could find. 
The Honor of Klandine, however, shown without a scratch or score mark to be seen, its hatches and armor plates glistening in the artificial light of The Hold System. The bridge and Command Station were kept safe within the base of a rear point while it’s vastly more powerful weapons were housed in shielded bays, her guts kept safe deep within her shielded core. The only thing she lacked was an anti-light facilitator but no imperial vessel that Howen knew of had such yet either.
She was aptly named, as well, since Howen’s last duty station had been The Klandine, when Howen had been but an under-captain as an Intelligence liaison. The Klandine was destroyed during The Third Battle of Klandine and Howen had been of the handful of survivors to find an escape pod. Many others hadn’t been so lucky, but they would be avenged.
The rank he held now was brevet only, but in time he would become a full Commodore and even beyond. But for right now he had only thoughts of revenge against the Vrilkist, and The Honor of Klandine will be the vehicle that helped him achieve it, figuratively and literally.
Soon, very soon.

Thanks for reading!

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