Sunday, April 2, 2017

Army of The Nameless, Weekly Update (4/2)

Another week, another few chapters of the third draft complete. Things are going along well concerning Army of The Nameless. However, this will be the last weekly update. I'm switching to bi-weekly from here out, lest I continue to sound like a dull college professor naming off chapters.

What's more exciting is that each bi-weekly update from here out will be accompanied by a sample chapter from Army of The Nameless.

Even more exciting is that Army of The Nameless will be available for pre-order, this Tuesday! I'll be posting a blog post then to announce it "officially" and I will include the full Prologue along with the post.

But that's not today. Today I have a blurb to share.

The war continues…
It’s been three standard years since The Battle of Bloody Eye and the Vrilkist War has ground to a stalemate.
While The Imperial Confederation of Ertho readies for the long awaited counterstrike, The Black Lions are delegated to hunting down stray separatists in an effort to bring the agitators to justice, but these elite soldiers are eager to return to the “real” war against the Vrilkist.
This holds especially true for Captain Coleman, whose hatred for the Vrilkist is tempered by the guilt he feels over the loss of Sabrina and his fallen comrades. Even so, the war has already taken a heavy toll on him physically and mentally, and he finds himself questioning how much more he can take.
The future of the universe balances on the razor’s edge, and gale force winds are gathering in the distance.

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