Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Why I don't want to be an Indie Author

How do you like that? My grill all up in your face? Anyways, it's been awhile; a month or two. Been a weird summer attached to a weird year. But that's a whole other topic for a blog that will hopefully never exist. I'm dropping in because A) my blog missed me, and B) I want to talk about a thing that's related to the semi-offensive title of this post.

It's true: I don't want to be an Indie Author. Never did. It's not that I'm not proud to be but, many years ago, I steered the ship towards a certain destination and I intend to get there. I said before that I would (and have) write for free even if I'd never gotten published. And that's true too. All real writers write regardless of pay. But why not get paid if you can? I've had a few successes in the indie world, most notably Hero of Twilight and Children of The Forgotten. Not blockbusters, certainly, but they held their own for a while. The real money is with "Professional" publishing. The big boys. And it's been my goal since I was twelve.

Is not that there isn't any money in indie publishing, there's plenty. And I've had some success so why not continue in a bid for more? Let the readers validate my work? Because, after all, it's the readers who really matter.

***Note: I don't say this enough but I want to thank every individual who's ever read one of my books or stories (even if it was off a pirated site; let's face it, if I got paid from pirated copies I'd be a millionaire by now) I truly love and appreciate all of you!

 For me it's a little deeper than that. Even if I did sell those million copies, I still wouldn't have been  satisfied or felt like a "winner". The Big Houses and magazines are like the title belts of the publishing world. I want to win one or ten. Because to me that would be true validation, even though it doesn't really mean jack shit in the real world. To my irrational way of thinking, I could then relax and know that my kids will inherit a worthy legacy.

Until then, I'll still fight and claw my way up the ranks. And I'll continue to support my Indie family in anyway I can.


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