Sunday, October 8, 2017

Updates Are Better Than Downdates

Hello, to my legions of nameless and faceless Blog-readers! Dropping in on this fine Fall Sunday to share what I'm doing with my writing life--which is to say not a lot and way too much.

Spent the summer hammering out some short stories. (more on that at some future point). Then, as is usually the case, when the shorts dried up I had a crisis as to what I was gonna work on next. I can't write just because I have an idea. I need to be into the story and feel as if I'm working on a viable plot or it just doesn't work. Sometimes it takes me a while to figure that out, which leads to many false starts.

At first I thought I wanted to work on an indie episodic series I've been planning for quite some time. My idea is to release one story a week over a period of twelve weeks. The stories will all take place in and around the city of Acerville (also known as Akerville, Acreville, and Acherville) and advance along a main story arc. The project is still a Go but it needs heavy refinement. More on that next year.

Then I started work on another project I've had waiting in the wings. Without revealing too much, the project is tentatively titled "Juxtaposition." But as I got into it, I discovered that the story needs a lot more work in parts before I can fully commit to it with confidence.

And then I resumed working on another project, called Tarot. I've been working on this since around April. Things were going good but the formatting got critically messed up somehow. The project's not dead, but I'm just gonna leave it floating until I get the mental energy to tackle it again.

And that brings me to the current project, tentatively titled Cyber Incarnate. This is the one. I've been hard at work on the outline these past couple weeks and am happy to announce (to you all and myself) that this is the project I will be working on for the foreseeable future until finished. I can't say too much about it now save that it can be described as an Ultra-Tech/Horror/Sci-fi tale. I will reveal more in the weeks and months to come. If things go quiet here for a stretch, I'm either writing or dead.

Bye for now!

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