Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Fin The Notes

Pardon my French. I'm happy to say that I finally finished the notes to "current nameless steampunk/fantasy/other" project. I think I'll be able to start the first draft tonight or tomorrow latest so, woot!

I haven't been this excited about a book since I began work on Vatters of Klon. I might actually be more excited this time. So much so that I want to blurt out every detail and secret--but I'm going with discipline on this one.

Even so, I hate being this vague. I've written a lot about this current project in my last few posts but I haven't really said anything. I promise that this will change as the writing progresses and things will start making more sense.

I'm supposed to start work on my Acreville Series in June--to have it ready for publication in December--but that was before this project had its current growth spurt.

Acreville. What the hell is Acreville?

Luckily, I have the answer: Acreville (working title) will be a two part miniseries (in book format), to be released exclusively through Varsavian Press. Each part will follow a common story arc and consist of twelve stories each. The first "episode' is tentatively set to be released before New Year's 2019, with each subsequent installment released on a weekly basis until the first part is complete. The second part was to begin being released Oct 1st.

These individual installments will be released as "Ebook Exclusives", with a hard copy omnibus containing all of the stories in one volume in the future. I'm using this format so new and veteran readers alike can ease into the overall story and quit at any time, if they so chose.
 Here's a snippet from the series' common preamble:

Acerville has never sat comfortably in reality. Since its founding, dark rumors have swirled around the city and its environs. Like cysts on a vine, these rumors grow and shrink in reaction to environmental factors; sometimes disappearing, always returning. Residents in neighboring towns tell their children and neighbors to avoid the area at all costs, but can never give a reason why.  
Acerville is said to be bad; but the cityfolk know that actions speak louder than words.

That's just a teaser for now. As far as genre goes, I describe it as "Tales From The Crypt meets Silent Hill and together they go on a bender with X-Files and The Twilight Zone, with a big dash of Sergi mixed in." Think 60% horror, 30% sci-fi, and 10% urban fantasy with a shitload of other sub-genres thrown in when needed.

There ya go.

I'll see where I'm at in June (I might be able to juggle both projects) but I'm pretty sure this "untitled project" won't be done until the end of the year at least; and that's if everything goes perfect. I'm prepared to delay Acreville for another year but there's a secret reason I wanted it published 2018-2019.

Okay, enough babbling from me. I'll check back in on Sunday or so and hopefully I'll have at least a working title to float around.

Peace to your Crease!

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